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2015 Performances


July 6
3 p.m.
The Rivers
Burnsville, MN (map)
A return trip to the Rivers to sing for my old friends Yvonne and Sarah and their friends.
July 7
10:30 a.m.
Kinderberry Hill Childcare Center
Edina, MN (map)
We had such a fun time back in February that we're doing it again! Probably some different songs, though. Kinderberry's a great place to be if you're a kid, near as I can tell. Check it out!
July 8
2 p.m.
Highland Park Library
St. Paul, MN (map)
My first time at this St. Paul library. I'll bet it won't be my last. Come and join us as we whoop it up with songs, stories and books!
July 11
3 p.m.
Northern Minnesota District Fair
Littlefork, MN (map)
This is a small county fair. I haven't played here before, but I will now! Second show at 5:30pm. Look for a new song entitled "Brand New Day." You'll like it!
July 12
9:45 a.m.
Bemidji Evangelical Free Church
Bemidji, MN (map)
My fifth time working with these good folks. I'll be doing a kids/family concert for the 9:45am educational hour. If you're up there on vacation, stop on by and join us! Then we can have a picnic at the Paul Bunyan statue over at Lake Bemidji. You can't miss it. No, really.
July 13
12:30 p.m.
St. Peter Lutheran Church
Garnavillo, IA (map)
A concert to kick off Vacation Bible School for the St. Peter kids. We'll make it a time to remember!
July 14
Augusburg Park
Richfield, MN (map)
I'm doing a concert for the kids down in a little hollow near the community center. If you'd lower yourself to join us, we'd like that! Oh, and the music's guaranteed to be uplifting so you're not risking much.
July 15
10 a.m.
Tyler Public Library
Tyler, MN (map)
Out on the western plains of Minnesota this morning singing and telling about books and reading. Thanks for having me, Carla!
July 15
2 p.m.
Ivanhoe Public Library
Ivanhoe, MN (map)
Another stop on my summer excursions here in the Plum Creek Library system in SW Minnesota.
July 16
1 p.m.
Glenwood Public LIbrary
Glenwood, MN (map)
We'll be "Reading to the Rhythm" today. Songs and stories that celebrate books and all that good stuff!
July 17
Lake of the Woods County Fair
Baudette, MN (map)
It's a looong drive but here I am! It's Seniors' Day at this fair just across the Rainy River from Canada. Might have to do a couple Gordon Lightfoot tunes in tribute. Additional shows at 1 and 4pm.
July 18
2:15 p.m.
Riversong Festival
Hutchinson, MN (map)
A return appearance at this fun music festival. I'll be doing a bunch of JP songs/stories and teaching attendees how to play the rhythm spoons. Who could ask for anything more?
July 19
9:30 a.m.
Peace Lutheran Church
Bloomington, MN (map)
I was with these folks back last January. Today we'll be worshipping in a Americana-bluegrass style with a barbecue afterwards.
July 20
10:30 a.m.
Pleasant Hill Library
Hastings, MN (map)
Summer reading show for the Hastings kids.
July 21
11 a.m.
Bamber Valley Elementary School
Rochester, MN (map)
"The JP Potpourri" for the summer school kids here at Bamber Valley. I love saying that name! It makes me think of Bambi romping around in a valley, maybe.
July 21
3 p.m.
Rice Street Library
St. Paul, MN (map)
Guitar, banjo, books, stories, singing, laughing and fun!
July 22
11 a.m.
Chaska Public Library
Chaska, MN (map)
Yet more stories and songs erupting from a love of imagination and reading! I know it sounds dangerous and it can be, but come and join us anyway. Jenny and Mary E., hope you can come!
July 22
3 p.m.
St. Bonifacius Community Room
St. Bonifacius, MN (map)
I'm the last hurrah program of the summer for the St. Bonnie Library here at the community meeting room. So ... hurrah! We'll end on a big up note reveling in books, stories and songs. But don't we always?
July 23
11 a.m.
Waconia Public Library
Waconia, MN (map)
Celebrating the joy of reading. Second show at 1pm.
July 24
Scott County Fair
Jordan, MN (map)
I'm doing 45-min. shows at noon and again at 4pm today geared toward the kids. Come out for a good time!
July 25
11 a.m.
Recfest Bluegrass Festival
Milaca, MN (map)
The 6th annual. I did a workshop at this event last year and am returning with a tent show at 11:00am followed by two workshops: 1:00pm "American Folk Instruments" and 3:00pm "Songspinning."
July 27
7 p.m.
private concert
Deerwood, MN (map)
The Rameys have been dear friends for years and years. They own and operate Naniboujou Lodge up north of Grand Marias, MN. They're a big extended family and I get to share my music with them today. Yay! There's no friend like an old friend, and no song like an old song.
July 28
10:30 a.m.
St. Anthony Park Library
St. Paul, MN (map)
The cutest little library going! Grab lunch at Muffaletta's across the street after the show! Joel and Theresa, can you come? Oh, second show at 2pm.
July 29
10:30 a.m.
Wheaton Public Library
Wheaton, MN (map)
My first visit to the Wheaton Library. I'm looking forward to a great time of music, stories, books and imagination as we "Read to the Rhythm!"
July 29
2 p.m.
Browns Valley Public Library
Browns Valley, MN (map)
More "Read to the Rhythm" with the BV kids. My first opportunity to visit this library. "However far your imagination will stretch, you know, a book will take you there ..."
July 30
2 p.m.
Legacy of St. Anthony
St. Anthony, MN (map)
Songs and tales for the seniors. I'm sure they could tell me a few stories, too. We might be dusting off some bluegrass and Johnny Cash stuff here.
July 30
7 p.m.
Victoria Public Library
Victoria, MN (map)
Songs and stories for the love of books at this brand new library! If you read me, come and join us! The event is a story-walk for the kids and families followed by a JP show in the library.
July 31
11 a.m.
Otsego Elementary School
Otsego, MN (map)
Part of a series of shows I'm doing for the K-6 kids during summer school up there near Elk River.
July 31
1 p.m.
Parker Elementary School
Elk River, MN (map)
Songs and stories to lighten up the experience of summer school!


Aug. 4
1:30 p.m.
Covenant Village
Minneapolis, MN (map)
We had a fun time last year so I'm back to play for the watermelon party!
Aug. 4
6:30 p.m.
Wildwood Library
Mahtomedi, MN (map)
My first time here. I was to have performed here in 2014 except their water pipes burst in a severe cold snap and the show got diverted elsewhere. Hopefully no major cold snaps in August!
Aug. 6
1 p.m.
Rogers Public Library
Rogers, MN (map)
Songs and stories to read by at this Hennepin County library. Especially for the kids, of course.
Aug. 7
9:10 a.m.
Church of St. Timothy
Blaine, MN (map)
A fun little program to wind up VBS for the St. Timothy kids.
Aug. 10
6:30 p.m.
Appleton Public Library
Appleton, MN (map)
First stop on a five-library tour of the Pioneerland system here in western Minnesota. Don't you just love libraries and being surrounded by books? Oh, I do! I'd live at one if I could. Our house actually is sort of a library, come to think of it.
Aug. 11
3 p.m.
Benson Public Library
Benson, MN (map)
Out on the western Minnesota prairie singing songs and telling stories about books. As you can tell, I love libraries. So full of hope. As I like to say, books open the twin doors of information and imagination. That's where the hope comes from.
Aug. 11
6:30 p.m.
Kerkhoven Public Library
Kerkhoven, MN (map)
Another fun time rockin' out on guitar, banjo, spoons and jawharp with the kids. If you're big, you're welcome, too, naturally!
Aug. 12
11 a.m.
Sun Ray Public Library
St. Paul, MN (map)
I've never played here before but I'm going to today! Thanks, all you Sun Rays!
Aug. 13
3 p.m.
Ortonville Public Library
Ortonville, MN (map)
Another stop along a five-library tour of the Pioneerland Library System.
Aug. 13
6:30 p.m.
Graceville Public Library
Graceville, MN (map)
Late summer songs and tales on the western border in celebration of books, reading and imagination.
Aug. 14
11 a.m.
Twin Lakes Elementary School
Elk River, MN (map)
More in a series of shows I'm doing for the kids in summer school up in the Elk River district. They'd probably rather be fishing but maybe we'll sing about Hawaii's fish with the very long name: the hummu-hummu ... uh, nooku ... um ...
Aug. 14
1 p.m.
Westwood Elementary School
Zimmerman, MN (map)
The last (for this summer) in a series of little concerts for the summer school kids up here north of the Cities. Kinda sad to see it end. We've had a fun time!
Aug. 19
11 a.m.
Steele County Free Fair
Owatonna, MN (map)
A return to the Steele County Fair after a hiatus of nearly thirty-five years! I've learned a lot since then and it will all be on display, so come and join us. 11:00 is geared toward kids and there's also a 1:30pm show for all ages.
Aug. 25
Centennial Lakes Park
Edina, MN (map)
My second of two annual summer concerts for the little ones here at Centennial Lakes. If you're a big one, well, that's okay, too!
Aug. 26
9:30 a.m.
Kindercare Learning Center
Chanhassen, MN (map)
A return to Kindercare to care for the kinder with music and stories.
Aug. 27
3 p.m.
Auburn Meadows
Waconia, MN (map)
A return visit to play for the seniors here. I'll do some JP stuff and also some good ol' sing-alongs.


Sept. 9
6:45 p.m.
Hillside Church
Bloomington, MN (map)
Kicking off the fall church season for the kids here at Hillside.
Sept. 13
9 a.m.
First United Methodist Church
Redwood Falls, MN (map)
I get to spread songs and stories all over all morning. Thanks, Pastor Jan, for having me come! These guys have been around since 1867. Not you, Pastor Jan!
Sept. 13
4 p.m.
North Oaks Farm Fest
North Oaks, MN (map)
James J. Hill, the 19th century railroad magnate, left a sprawling farm which has now become an historical site. Each fall the community celebrates around the iconic red barn on the property, and I'll be celebrating with them this time around! I'll be doing 20-min sets at 4, 4:40 and 5:20pm.
Sept. 15
3:45 p.m.
Minnetonka, MN (map)
The Chris and Jack Duo with a return engagement for the seniors here. The "Chris" is my friend, Chris Becknell, who's a fine violinist and guitar player. In our duo I play harp guitar and Chris does fiddle. We always manage to have a fun time!
Sept. 16
6:30 p.m.
Alexandria United Methodist Church
Alexandria, MN (map)
My dear friends Roger and Marnie are having me come for a family concert here at their church. Also fluttering about will be little kids from the Butterfly Hill Nature Preschool. Is that a great name or what?!
Sept. 19
1 p.m.
The Anderson Center
Red Wing, MN (map)
Another annual opportunity to hang out with the core of the children's literature community in Minnesota. My son, Peter, will be presenting about his upcoming book "How to Eat an Airplane" and I'll be doing song/story sets on the hour from one till four. This is a fabulous event. Hope to see you there!


Oct. 6
12:30 p.m.
Bonner Elementary School
Stewartville, MN (map)
My friend, Lara, is having me come for a couple of assemblies for the kids here at Bonner. I've had a lot of fun here in the past and look forward to coming back. Second show at 1:30pm.
Oct. 9
2 p.m.
Gramercy Park Cooperative
Richfield, MN (map)
A show for the seniors here.


Dec. 9
9:30 a.m.
St. John's Childcare
Minneapolis, MN (map)
My tenth year helping out with the kids at St. John's. It'll be a winter music/story funfest with Jack!
Dec. 10
12:45 p.m.
Como Park Lutheran Church
St. Paul, MN (map)
A program for the seniors here. Haven't been sine '08 so I'll bet a few of those folks have gotten older. We'll have fun!
Dec. 12
2 p.m.
ZRS Fossils and Gifts
Minneapolis, MN (map)
My good friends John and Kelly own this outstanding mineral/fossil shop. I get to play some in-store music for them this holiday shopping season. This is definitely the place to shop for the fossils in your life! I'll be playing until about six o'clock, maybe. Geologic time runs kinda slow though.
Dec. 17
10:20 a.m.
My Own Montessori
Elk River, MN (map)
My friend, Lynn, owns and operates this amazingly wonderful place for kids to learn and be. Each year she hosts an event she calls Good Will Tea for the families there and I get to be a part of it yet again. If you're a chid anywhere near Elk River, MN, this is where you belong.

2016 Performances


Feb. 19
1 p.m.
Salem Covenant Church
New Brighton, MN (map)
I'm playing for the seniors group here at Salem. The first time I was here was 38 years ago! I think some of those seniors were in high school then ...


March 17
12:45 p.m.
Cross of Glory Baptist Church
Hopkins, MN (map)
We had such a good time last May that I'm back! Doing a show for the Prime Timers, the seniors group here at church.