Mr. Song-Strummin' Storyman

Album: Yawngs & Snoriezzz


v1) Sing me a song, tell me a story Pack it full of action, oh, you wouldn’t want to bore me Start with ‘once upon a time,’ make it sweet and make it rhyme Mr. Song-Strummin’ Storyman!

v2) Tell me a song, sing me a story Please make it a good one, that’s the very best kind for me I will follow if you lead, yes I will, oh yes indeed Mr. Song-Strummin’ Storyman!

Songs, stories Come open wide your heart, ‘cause now it’s time to start Tellin’ songs, singin’ stories...

v3) Take me away to somewhere that is nowhere My magic ‘magination, oh I really want to go there Where the possibilities grow as thickly as the trees In the wood where the tall tales grow

v4) Pick me out a tune, promise me the moon! Come on, let’s hit the road and let’s hit it hard and soon Where it leads, well, who can say? But we’ll have music on the way Mr. Song-Strummin’ Storyman!

Songs, stories We’re tellin’ songs and we’re singin’ stories So come on along with Mr. Song-Strummin’ Storyman!


by Jack Pearson © 1991 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI