Let Your Koality Shine

Album: Yawngs & Snoriezzz


v1) You’re a koality kid I can tell by the way that you hold your head I can tell by the things you just did and said You’re koality, plain for all to see

CH: Let your koality shine, let your koality shine on You’ve got koality, it’s plain for all to see Let your koality shine

v2) You’re a koality kid You know, I can spot one a mile away You’re the kind with a smile and something good to say On a rainy day, sun shines anyway ... deep down inside you, so


Koality doesn’t shine automatically It starts just a flickering spark But if you fan the glow and allow it to grow It will chase away all of the dark Let it shine, let it shine from the depths of your heart

v3) What will koality bear? It will bear all the sadness this world can give It will face it with joy and then make it live That’s koality; creativity ... transforming you and me



by Jack Pearson © 1992 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI