Album: Yawngs & Snoriezzz


v1) Last night ‘long ‘bout 7:30 or so here’s what my dad said “Better get those ol’ jammeroos on, kids, and shuffle on off to bed...” There’s somethin’ ‘bout the way he said it, it kinda had a little rhythmic swing You shoulda seen the look came over his face when we began to sing

v2) It started with my sister and then with me, first one foot then two And before you were knowin’ we had both feet a’goin’ in the old Jammyshuffle tune ... we sang

CH: Jam, jammyshuffle, gonna do the jammyshuffle Gonna do the jammyshuffle tune In our jammeroo pants gonna boogie and dance By the light of the harvest moon

v3) My dad said, “Hold it, now that’s enough!” But he could say no more There came a crash and our bunkbed came a dancin’ through the door Soon the stove and the kitchen sink were jammyshufflin’ with the chairs But the best was when the furnace came a’waltzin’ up the stairs

v4) I grabbed my mother and my sis took dad and we jammyshuffled into the yard Where our old refridgerator was dancin’ with the car Then we heard a rumble and a “Ho, ho, ho!” - we all looked around in shock And our whole house was jammyshufflin’ its way on down the block! It went...


v5) Soon the president called out the National Guard, the army and the PTA And he said, “Good parents of America, we’re in a terrible emergency! This stuff called jammyshufflin’ - it’s really getting out of hand There have been reports of dreadful sorts from across our beloved land

v6) Mount Rushmore was caught jammyshufflin’ with the Grand Canyon, so they say And it all began mysteriously about bedtime yesterday So whatever you do, good parents true, don’t you let your kids learn that song! 'Cause they won’t go to sleep but they’ll dance in the street jammyshufflin’ all night long!” They'll go...


v7) So if bedtime’s kind of a ho-hum thing at your house like it was at mine Get the jammyshuffle beat - put some rhythm in your feet - and the evening will turn out fine You can start when you put your toothbrush down and you’re headin’ out the bathroom door First your right then your left and before you can sneeze you’ll be jammyshufflin’ ‘cross the floor

v8) But don’t be surprised if your folks get tired of the bumps and the jumps and screams They’ll throw you into bed, cover up your head and make you jammyshuffle in your dreams They'll say...

"Jam, jammyshuffle, never do the jammyshuffle Don’t you do that jammyshuffle tune In your jammeroo pants you mustn’t boogie or dance By the light of the harvest moon"

(But when your mom and dad think you’re finally in bed and asleep, just kinda jump out one last time and reeeeal quietly...)



by Jack Pearson © 1990 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc., - BMI