A Song To Make Mister Rogers Smile

Album: Songs From The Deep Field


v1) There's a guy named Mister Rogers He lived in my neighborhood He liked me just the way I am And, oh, that sure felt good To know Mister Rogers liked me Just the way I am I remember Mister Rogers Wore an old sweater every day He seemed to think I mattered And that the world was a place to play Thank-you, Mister Rogers For making me feel that way

CH: He said, “I like you because you're you Not the one I wish you'd be” I never got tired of hearing That someone liked me because I'm me Now he's gone from the Land of Make Believe And so I'll play awhile Singin' a song to make Mister Rogers smile

v2) They say that ol' Fred Rogers Studied God at a fancy school Must've learned all about forgiveness Judging not and the Golden Rule They sure stuck to Mister Rogers And shone his whole life through If God's like Mister Rogers I will not be afraid to die I'll dance right up to those pearly gates And here's the reason why I know I'll be a neighbor With nothing I need to hide

CH 2: He'll say “I love you because you're you Nothing more you need to be And you're much more than a neighbor You're a part of the family” So while we're here in the Land of Make Believe For just a little while Let's sing a song to make Mister Rogers smile


by Jack Pearson © 2015 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI