Sequoia Sempervirens

Album: Songs From The Deep Field


v1) There is a place on the planet Where the hand of the Lord is strong Where His breath is in the breeze and the soil And in the trees He has love so long Cradled at the feet of the mountains Moistened by the mists of time In silence giving birth in the bowels of the earth Keepers of the ancient rhyme

CH: Sequoia Sempervirens, shadows of the sacred dawn Sequoia Sempervirens, living ever on and on

v2) Honored by the first of the nations For generations none can name In the bosom of the one Great Spirit From age unto age the same Adding ring ‘round ring ‘round the seasons While tribal nations rise and fall Slender arrows in the bow of the Mystery Vigilant strong and tall


v3) There is a place on the planet Where the servants of the Lord do stand Gathered ‘round the throne in intercession In the midst of a darkened land These are they who have come through the fire Of tribulation’s burning way Who now bear all the scars of the struggle Worshipping night and day



by Jack Pearson © 1990, 2016 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI