The Pearl

Album: Songs From The Deep Field


v1) It’s strange falling in love when you don’t know where your heart is going I once met a girl wearing a pearl in the evening glowing We’d both ducked into a cafe out of the rain for the moment Awkwardly stuck sharing a table there by the door

v2) Then, it was then that I saw she was wearing a pearl that was like no other Soon, soon I was lost, lost in the light of its loving luster Suspended by a delicate chain hung round her neck like a halo Small as it was it seemed to contain everything in the world It shone pink, yellow, purple and green, every color I’d ever seen All I could ask was “Where did you find such a beautiful pearl?”

v3) She said, “It was given to me once by a man whose name I can’t remember I don’t know where he was bound but he came through our town One sunny late September He said that the pearl was free but I’d have to sell all I had to have it And so I did. Now all that I have is only the pearl, only the pearl.”

v4) I stared into her face, such splendor and grace all around was flowing I don’t know when the rain stopped, but soon she stood up and said“Well, I must be going. I see that you’ve fallen in love But it isn’t me that you’re after” She wouldn’t tell me her name but unclasping the chain She gave me the pearl, she gave me the pearl

v5) It’s strange falling in love when you don’t know what you’re even loving Held in a mighty embrace when you used to think You were the one embracing All I know is everything changed: it all became shining and holy Somebody died but someone was born out of that storm Though I’ve become poorer than poor, I am a rich man forever I’ll never be who I was before I met the girl Who gave me the pearl


by Jack Pearson © 2005 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI