Oink Joint Road

Album: Songs From The Deep Field


v1) When I was a little guy, what did I hear - An ol' summer wind a-callin’ me The open road singin’ in my ear - Hankerin’ to be all wild and free Time has a way of turnin’ your head - Thinkin’ of all you left behind An old wood stove, a feather bed - Family to ease your worried mind

CH: Mama come quick, look who’s back, Good-bye Highwy 10 Lucky duck me, soon I’m gonna be on Oink Joint Road again, Oink Joint Road again

v2) Adios high school, then I was gone - Ran a big jackhammer in St. Paul Thumbed on down to the Delta - Drummed in a band, but that ain’t all Drivin’ trucks and pumpin’ gas - Had a little fling with a gal named Sue When she wondered about a ring - Did what my ol’ Uncle Bill would do – CH

v3) Way back when the road had no name - Daddy raised pigs and the cars would stop Uncle Bill knew every rig around - The barn was also the body shop The shop was called “The Joint” somehow - That’s what it was and it really showed Daddy’s pigs fell into the mix - That’s why they called it Oink Joint Road – CH

v4) When I was a kid I dreamed a dream, dreamed of a treasure far away Woke right up and jumped in the truck followin’ the dream both night and day When I got there I met an old man - he laughed so hard when the dream was told He said, “You’re sure some kind of fool! I dreamed about a treasure on Oink Joint Road!” - CH


by Jack Pearson © 2014 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI