My Dog

Album: Songs From The Deep Field


v1) I’ve got a friend he will always forgive My dog, my dog I’ll be his hero as long as I live My my my my dog Doesn’t matter if I’ve had a bad day My dog, my dog He’s glad to see me and thinks I’m okay My my my my dog

CH: My dog seems kinda dumb but My dog is really quite wise My dog, I want to be like him Seein’ with my dog’s eyes

v2) Doesn't matter how dress or you look My dog, my dog Just pat him on the head - you’re cool in his book My my my my dog Got no computer, expenses or strife My dog, my dog Chasing a stick is the meaning of life My my my my dog - CH

BRIDGE: Tell me, what do you see with those brown eyes? How does the world appear? Do you gaze at the stars in the night sky? And wonder why you are here? … Nope

v3) Open the dog food, please do it fast My dog, my dog A little food and lovin’ is all that you ask My my my my dog Things would improve, I believe that it’s true My dog, my dog If everyone took a little lesson from you My my my my dog - CH


by Jack Pearson © 2008 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI