Singin' In Our Own Backyard

Album: Singin' In Our Own Backyard


v1) Here it is Saturday and my friends and I Are just as bored as we can be The sleep over is done, but it’s not much fun Sittin’ starin’ at the TV Suddenly I jump up and shut it off “Hey you guys, I’ve got an idea!” I grab my dad’s old guitar - “Come on, we can each be a star! Do you think we could? Oh yes, we can!” “Can what?” “Can form our own neighborhood band!”

CH: Singin’ here in our own back yard Ringin’ our voices near and far the World is our stage and we’re the stars Singin’ in our own back yard

v2) Now you can play the drum, oh yes you can, you haven’t Practiced much but who cares, there is a Beat that’s hoppin’ inside your feet that’s even More fun when it is shared


v3) Oh, come on now and shake that tambourine! If you can’t play it, nobody can You shake the sweetest tambourine we’ve ever seen You add that jingle-ring to our band


v4) We need a shaker to make that happy swish To add that sweet Caribbean soul So let that shaker make our music shake Make it dance and rock and roll!


v5) Of all the sleepovers I’ve ever had That was the one that I liked most And maybe when we grow up our band will play Our music from coast to coast! Still my friends and I get together And when the action’s kinda slow We look at one another, smile and grab our instruments Then out the back door laughing and dancing we go! 1,2,3,4 ...



by Jack Pearson © 1992 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI