Life is Kinda How You Spell It

Album: Singin' In Our Own Backyard


v1) Well, wasn’t that a time back in first grade learnin’ what school was about Spelling c-a-t and d-o-g. it took awhile but we figured it out We got our spelling tests corrected full of checks and circles in red But my teacher was wise and with a smile in her eyes here’s what she always said:

CH: Life is kinda how you spell it A story’s all in how you tell it You’ve got letters but how you arrange them is How your story goes

v2) I never did forget that good advice - I’d like to pass it on to you Let’s say you’re scared and filled with fear: it can change - here’s what you have to do Don’t spell it f-e-a-r, spell it f-r-e-e now come out from under your bed Then take the word ‘scared’, switch the 'a' and the 'c' and you’ll be ‘sacred’ instead!


v3) So the race you’re in is being won by the rats, those creepy things that crawl on the ground Let’s take a step back and look at those rats and maybe change the letters around R-a-t-s spelled backwards... lo and behold! is s-t-a-r! So flip your telescope around, now those rats have become a big bright shining star!!


v4) So my first grade teacher was right all along and I’ve learned that lesson well Your mind helps create your reality like using letters when you’re learning to spell So when the sun comes up each morning with possibilities from A to Z Choose the ones that are happy and healthy and wise and that’s how your day will be!



by Jack Pearson © 1993 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI