The Friendship Song

Album: Singin' In Our Own Backyard


v1) So long, we’re on our way Time’s run out but I wish we could stay, But we’ll All get together on another day and Let the music roll on - we’ve Shared the fire and warmed our toes Made a few friends and I guess that it shows 'cause the Harmony just grows and grows And grows with the friendship song

CH: So long, we’re on our way “Take it easy, but take it!” they say It’s not for sale, give it away And sing a friendship song

v2) Adios amigos, au revoir, bonjour mon ami and que pasa Auf wiedersehen, sionara, lachiam chauverim May the road rise to meet you, friend The rain fall softly on your land And the good Lord hold you in his hand Until we meet again



by Jack Pearson © 1990 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc., - BMI