Echo With the Song of Love

Album: Singin' In Our Own Backyard


CH: You’ve got to have your wood bent and your strings strung tight Twisted and turned till you’re tuned up right and if you’re Strummed with care, there’ll be music everywhere and we’ll Echo with the song of love Oh love, oh love, oh love, echo with the song of love

v1) We’re all like this old guitar sittin’ in our closet back home Afraid to come out and play locked away in our box alone Bad news, sad news, but no news is never good We need somebody to understand the music in the heart of the wood


v2) You see, we’re all like this old guitar with a big hole we can’t hide With a secret place of empty space somewhere deep down inside Heart strings, poor things, there’s nothing much they can do But if you pluck up and pluck ‘em - once love has struck ‘em They’ll sing a song back to you



by Jack Pearson © 1994 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI