You Are a Maker, Too

Album: Possible Bag


v1) You were born into a world filled with colors and sounds And all kinds of wonderful stuff Red and blue, loud and soft, fluffy and sweet, smooth, hard, sticky and rough You can put ‘em all together in many different ways To make something totally new You’re a chip off the block of the Creator Rock Yes, you are a maker, too!

CH: Whatcha gonna make, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna cook up, it’s up to you You’re no faker, your Father is the Maker And you are a maker, too!

v2) Now, just why the good Lord decided to create Is not really perfectly clear How He told Himself a story then brought it to life And put people, plants and animals here But when your thinker’s worn out, I guess you’ll have to say That’s just the kind of God that He is He’s the kind who creates what wasn’t there before For He made us and we are His


v3) You can be a musician or a space engineer Or an artist with color or words An inventor of things to give us all wings To soar in the heavens like birds A thinker upper of scientific theories or a cook A creator with concrete or pen It’s hilarious, uproarious, make His praise glorious! Halleluia, amen!



by Jack Pearson © 1995 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI