Possible Bag

Album: Possible Bag


v1) Long, long ago there was a little boy and David was his name Things had been goin’ along just fine when a mean old giant came But Davy had a little leather possible bag that he always carried ‘round He took a small, smooth stone from out of that bag and the giant came a’tumblin’ down

CH: So reach inside your possible bag Don’t let your faith begin to droop or sag but just Reach inside your possible bag and then it can be done!

v2) Thomas Edison had a crazy idea and some folks laughed, it’s true He tried a thousand and one different ways that failed, but succeeded on 1000 & 2 Thomas had a very special possible bag and he kept it right inside his head That’s the reason you’ve got an electric light so you can read before you go to bed


v3) A possible bag is an ordinary thing if all you see is what’s outside ‘Cause the possible bags are us human folks short, tall, thin or wide And the meaure of the depth of any possible bag is only how much you truly care And the possibilities hiding deep inside are only what you believe is there


v3) In the presence of Jesus, the possible man, they say dead folks could not stay dead He took a couple of loaves and a few small fish and the whole multitude was fed Remember he told us we’d do greater things than even he himself had done Mountains skip and dance in the path of them that follow the holy Son



by Jack Pearson © 1995 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI