Livin' In My Shoes

Album: Possible Bag


CH: I’m livin’, livin’, livin’ in my shoes Bein’ right here is the place I choose I’m livin’, livin’, livin’ in my shoes Bein’ right where I am

v1) Consider the lilies of the field They neither toil nor do they spin Yet I tell you that Solomon in all his glory Wasn’t clothed as one of them


v2) Which one of us by worryin’ Can add a single inch to her height If you can’t do the small stuff, why sweat the big Everything is really all right


Do I live in Alaska, oh no! Do I live in Guadalupe? I don’t think so My life’s not a house or a town either far or near My home address isn’t a PO box It has a lot more to do with the particular socks That I’m wearin’ on my feet right now and here


v3) Yesterday’s only a memory Tomorrow may never show All we’ve got is the gift of the moment That’s why it’s called ‘the present,’ you know



by Jack Pearson © 2002 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI