Growing in the Grace Garden

Album: Possible Bag


v1) I’ve been planted in this garden In the earth so deep and black Sleeping beneath a chilly quilt of snow But something’s started changing My shell’s begun to crack Now the spring has come and it’s time for me to grow, I’m ...

CH: Growing in the grace garden Growing with all my friends Growing in the grace garden In a love that never ends Wavin’ in the wind of the Spirit In the rays of the rising sun Growing in the grace garden

v2) I’ve been stretching in the sunshine But now the sky is turning gray Hear the thunder, I wonder if something has gone wrong But wait! It’s started raining! It’s the Gardener’s loving way Of giving me the things I need to make me strong! I’m ...


v3) Though I may not know the reasons For all the things the Gardener does I have learned to trust the wisdom in His face No matter what the weather I’ll stay rooted in His love Growing deep in His amazing grace, I’m ...



by Jack Pearson © 1997 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI