Hello To You

Album: The Merry Pirate School


CHORUS: Hello to you, hello to you, sure am glad you’re here Hello to you, hello to you, we’re friends here, do not fear Hello to you, hello to you, won’t you tell me what’s your name Pleased to meetcha, I’m mighty glad you came

v1) When friends like all of us get together What a good time there will be singin’ songs you and me No matter what the season or the weather We’ll make the sun to shine with each note and every rhyme


v2) There’s never been a moment quite like this one And there’ll never be again in this whole wide world, my friend And moments are so few you’d hate to miss one So lend me your ears and eyes and we’ll make a song to rise



by Jack Pearson © 2002 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI