Frog Went A'Courtin'

Album: The Merry Pirate School


v1) Frog went a courtin’ and he did ride Ring-tom-body-mitch-a-kam-bone Trusty old banjer by his side Ring-tom-body-mitch-a-kam-bone

CH: Key ba neero down to Cairo Key ba neero Cairo Straddle-laddle-laddle bobba-laddle bobba-ring-tom Ring-tom-body-mitch-a-kam-bone

v2) Put Miss Mousie on his knee, Said “Miss Mouse would you marry me?” “Without my Uncle Rat’s consent I wouldn’t marry the president!”


v3) Uncle Rat rode into town Bought Miss Mousie a wedding gown “Where will the wedding supper be?” “Way down yonder in the hollow tree”


v4) Frog hopped right on down the aisle Mousie met him with a blushing smile The minister was Miss Bumblebee Straight from the Honeyrock Seminary


v5) Lord! Here comes a big tomcat! Chased Miss Mousie and Uncle Rat! But the tomcat tripped on the wedding cake Landed in old Shady Lake! Shoulda seen that tomcat swim With the Honeyrock bees comin’ after him!


v6) Now, Frog and Mouse sailed off to France That’s the tale of their romance They had some kids and their names all rhyme I’d tell you what they are but I ain’t got time



traditional adapted and arr. Jack Pearson © 2008 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI