Earth Day Jig

Album: The Merry Pirate School


v1) Every day is Earth Day, every day is green A party swingin’ ‘round our mother star ‘Tis cause for celebration, April or July This is how I choose to live and here’s the reason why

CH: Every day is earth day, nothin’ in between When the sun comes up ‘tis for the wearin’ o’ the green Let every lad and lassie upon this ball of blue Always wake up to an earth day in the mornin’

v2) Every day is Earth Day, every day is new A chance for dancin’ lightly in the world So future generations will know that I’vc been here By crystal skies and butterflies and rivers running clear


v3) Every day is Earth Day, yes, it’s really true To this I dedicate all that I am To love the living family, to keep the circle strong Till all the planet’s ringin’ with the chorus of the song



by Jack Pearson © 2007 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI