Angeline R. McFame

Album: The Merry Pirate School


v1) One rainy day at school we thought up a little game Asking questions, trying to guess each other’s middle name Some were pretty easy but some were hard to call But Angeline’s turned out to be the hardest one of all

CH: Angeline McFame, what’s your middle name How come you never tell us, it’s driving us insane We’ve tried so hard to guess but you’ve never answered ‘yes’ Oh, what’s your middle name, Angeline McFame

v2) We guessed Lindsay, Joe and Liam, we guessed Stacy, Brin and Sue But Angeline’s we couldn’t guess no matter what we’d do It nearly drove us crazy, we just couldn’t let it go We guessed every name on earth but Angeline kept saying ‘no!’


v3) This went on for weeks, you see, each day was just the same Trying to guess the middle name of Angeline McFame Then came the all-school spelling bee, everyone was there A hushed aniticipation seemed to crackle in the air

v4) Angeline was up there representing our whole grade She was an awesome speller so we thought we had it made But the words kept getting harder, one by one the kids sat down Till the only two left standing were the two best in the town: Thomas Sanchez and ... Angeline McFame!

v5) That’s how the spelling bee was won by Angeline McFame That’s also how we finally came to learn her middle name We all know how to spell it now because we’ve gotten wise You can’t hide from responsibility because it’s got three ‘i’s

CH: Angeline McFame, we now know your middle name We know responsibility is more than just a game The best spelling lesson yet is the one we won’t forget Thanks to Angeline Responsibility McFame


by Jack Pearson © 2006 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI