Monster Minnesota Mosquitoes in the Sky

Album: Heartwood


v1) What is that cloud approaching yonder darkening the skies Like a million buzzing helicopters comin’ o’er the rise You’d better run for shelter if there’s blood still in your veins You’re now in Minnesota where king mosquito reigns

CH: Give me type A, (echo) give me type O (echo) Monster Minnesota Mosquitoes in the sky (ouch! slap! ouch! slap, slap!)

v2) Some carnivore mosquitoes plagued a section of the state They tried to trap ‘em out using an elephant for bait They checked the trap come morning by the rosy light of dawn The mosquitoes had made a getaway and the elephant was gone


v3) You think I’m making this all up? I only wish I were Those mosquitoes survive the winter in their heavy coats of fur Sometimes you'll see ‘em flyin’ in their winter underwear A full-length coat they’ve stolen ... right off some grizzly bear


v4) My song is done though it’s not quite as bad as I have said Some folks survive mosquito bites though most of them are dead If you’re attacked while drivin’ you’re the really lucky kind Mosquitoes will take the passengers but often leave the car behind



lyrics by Jack Pearson (tune: Ghost Riders in the Sky) © 1997 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI