I'm Your Eyes

Album: Heartwood


v1) On the door hangs the old leather harness I’d worn many times in the past It’s nothing you said but still somehow I knew that that day just might be our last Neither one of us could keep it from changing The unspoken words were quite clear I wondered who would I be when we part company after well over sixty dog years

CH: I’m your eyes, I’m your eyes, one step at a time is all faith ever buys Do not fear, I am here, so trust me, I am your eyes

v2) My new master she doesn’t seem to need me The same way you needed me then But it’s really okay, she feeds me each day And I’m glad to say we’ve become friends And I don’t really miss the old harness Except sometimes when no one’s around Then I miss your commands 'cause no one understands That I’ve lost that one meaning I’d found


Those days are now a maze of stoplights and streets Of car horns and things I once learned On buses and taxis we blended our lives With every new corner we turned

v3) I suppose you’ve got some other dog now I hope he knows just what to do I was glad to retire but I still feel that fire Of those years being a guide dog for you Sometimes now I sit by the window And look down the street far away And I imagine us walking like in those old times And deep down I think I always will say...



by Jack Pearson © 1996 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc., - BMI