The Fifty Year Waltz

Album: Heartwood


v1) It began on that day when you first caught my eye The music started to play I took a step and you took one, too Dances always start out that way And we danced on till we were the only ones left Still the band played for us all alone It was the Fifty Year Waltz they were playing But there was no way that we could have known

CH: It’s the Fifty Year Waltz we’ve been dancing Waltzing the entire night through It’s the golden light of a new morning And here I’m still dancing with you

v2) Oh, who could forget those hard early years When I routinely stepped on your toes You stepped on mine, we tripped once or twice But in waltzing, well, that’s how it goes And the spins, twists and turns that lay up ahead We could never have guessed what they’d be Then the kids came along as the music led In the rhythm of a young family


I haven’t always been the best partner There were times I thought I never could dance But when you’ve got two left feet there’s always something that’s left You always left me with that leftover last second chance

v3) To pick up where we left off and waltz once again Through the hard times as well as the good You stayed through it all, through both thick and thin Somehow I always knew that you would And though my hearing’s not all that it once used to be The music’s clearer now than ever before It’s the love song of God we’ve dancin’ to Leading onward to heaven’s open door


May I have the next one, too I want to keep on dancing ... with you


by Jack Pearson © 1995 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc., - BMI