Album: Googolplex & Other Numbers


v1) When my parents were kids back in stone age days Their shoes couldn’t make any sound They had to keep quiet so they wouldn’t get eaten By the dinosaurs roamin’ around They invented some things, they called ‘em shoestrings Way back there in the year of one I guess they were doin’ ‘bout the best they could But they missed out on all of the fun, ‘cuz they didn’t have ...

CH: Velcro, velcro! It’s the cool thing to use We’ll be dancin’ in the 21st century with that velcro on our shoes!

v2) You know, velcro is good for all kinds of stuff Those little bitty bristles are great When they’re stitched to your mittens they just can’t get lost And it makes a good latch for the gate My baby brother kept climbing out of his crib It was me that finally got him to stay When my mother asked “How?” it made me mighty proud To stand there and calmly say, “I stuck him in there with..."


v3) If us kids ran the world everything would be fine The criminals would not have a chance We’d make the laws stick and we’d do it darn quick Then we’d wrap up and get rid of romance And our golden rule would be “No More School!” All the zoos would stay open for free And everything bad would be locked up in a box And the lid fastened permanently - with a big strip of ...



by Jack Pearson © 1991 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI