Tooth Fairy

Album: Googolplex & Other Numbers


v1) I noticed it first at breakfast time While chewin’ on a piece of toast That was covered with Grandma’s homemade jam The kind that I like most Somethin’ felt kinda strange, there had been a little change So I put down my glass of juice Yes, the one in the middle, it had a little wiggle My right front tooth was loose

CH: Tooth fairy, can you hear me, we’ve got a date tonight! I’m tellin’ you the truth, I’ve got a loose tooth The first one on the right Can you leave me a silver dollar big and shiny as the moon My window will be open, hope to see you soon

v2) My brother must think I’m crazy I’ve seen his tricks before He tried to talk me into tyin’ my tooth To the brass knob on the door But I’m nobody’s fool and today at school There my loose tooth hung And while readin’ and a’writin’ I just did a little bitin’ And wiggled it with my tongue


v3) Just imagine all the cool stuff a kid can buy With the money when a tooth is gone Think I’ll buy me a roller coaster And have dad set it up on the lawn And if I lost another I could sweet talk my mother Into buyin’ me a spaceship, too Yes, you really must agree, it’s amazing to see What a little white tooth can do!



by Jack Pearson © 1987 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI