How Old is Old

Album: Googolplex & Other Numbers


v1) When I was just little, about three years or two I wanted to go to the big, red brick school But my mother would say, “When you’re older we’ll see” Tell me, Momma, how old is old

CH: How old is old, how far is far How long the journey to the farthest star I’ve got one question, I’ve never been told Can you tell me, how old is old

v2) My young years flew by, there were questions at hand My parents said, “When you’re old, you’ll understand” But the more I find out, the more things I don’t know Tell me someone, how old is old

v3) Now just how it happened, I really can’t say It seems I just blinked and I’m a father today And my son said, “Dad, someday I’m gonna be old ... like you!” So I smiled and asked, “How old is old?”


v4) Some folks in our world think to be old is bad To be old is sickly and sorry and sad I thought as I walked, then I met an old friend With her arm ‘round my shoulder we went

v5) And she said, “Yes, you’re old, but you’re young every day And the whole journey’s better than one point on the way When you frown you are old, but you’re young when you smile There’s no need to ask ‘how old is old’"



by Jack Pearson © 1987 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI