Hop Along Song

Album: Googolplex & Other Numbers


v1) Roll along, Hopalong Sittin’ tall in the saddle, you can’t go wrong Like a lonesome tumbleweed You blow out of my old TV When the dogies are tucked in bed at the close of day I thought I heard your old horse say Roll along, roll along, Hopalong

v2) When I was a spunk I was no bigger’n that You were my one and only wild ‘n’ wooly hero Oh golly gee-whiz, gosharoo There wasn’t nothin’ in the world you could not do Not a bad guy tough enough the put you down Not a dance girl sly enough to run you ‘round Not a rattlesnake quick enough to take you down, oh no Yippee-yi-yo

v3) If I was director of the FBI we’d both ride the range And keep the world safe night and day In spite of the way your knees they tend to wobble We’d have a Justice League just like the comic books You and me and all our buddies we would scare those old crooks So bad they’d never show their hairy old face around town again Except for when we need some action At night in Arizona when the old coyote sings A long lost song to the moon I tune in channel seven and can almost taste the pork and beans On your golden spoon

v4) And when the cactus is silhouetted on the prairie sky I thought I heard the night wind sigh Roll along, roll along, Hopalong Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re my song, you’re my song, Hopalong Roll along, roll along, ol’ Hopalong


by Jack Pearson © 1985 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI