Album: Googolplex & Other Numbers


v1) Well, what is the number, the very biggest number The one that put the others to shame, let me tell you now It isn’t a hundred or a thousand or a million But a googolplex is its name A googol is a one followed by a hundred zeroes But a googolplex is bigger’n that So keep it up your sleeve and amaze all your friends, yes A googolplex is where it’s at (cuz it goes...)

CH: One zero zero, zero zero, zero zero zero zero zero (wo, wo, wo) Zero zero, zero zero zero, zero zero zero zero zero (wo, wo, wo, wo) Zero zero, zero zero, zero zero zero zero zero (wo, wo, wo) Zero zero zero zero zero zero, zero zero zero zero zero...

v2) Well, it’s bigger than your mom, it’s older than your dad And it’s higher than your grandma can count It’s taller than the tree and it’s wider than the sea It’s bigger’n any other amount Now, you may not like to eat the dozen peas on your plate But, believe me, it could be worse If you had a googolplex peas they would make a pile Bigger than the universe! (cuz it goes...)


v3) If you’re having an argument using fancy numbers On the playground with one of your friends You’re each tryin’ to think of a bigger number than the other Let me tell you where the argument ends If they say “I’ll betcha forty million n’ twelve” Here’s all you have to say next Just look ‘em in the eye and yawn a little bit and say “I’ll bet you a googolplex!” (cuz it goes...)


I said a googol-googol-googol-googolplex, baby So big it’s hard to fit in a tune If you wrote it all down it would stretch right around the whole block With enough left to lasso the moon!


by Jack Pearson © 1990 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI