The Best Birthday Present

Album: Googolplex & Other Numbers


v1) May your birthday be happy and bright With a cake lit with sweet dancing light And of all of the candles that shimmer and spark There is one that I know always shines in the dark Every heart will agree that it’s so You are that candle, you know, so ...

BRIDGE: Happy birthday to you One more circle is done, one more trip ‘round the sun Where it leads, who’s to say But we’ll go there together come ever what may

v2) May your birthday be hopeful and glad The best one that you ever had And of all the gifts given, the large and the small There is one I’m quite sure is the best one of all Every heart here will tell you it’s true The best birthday present is you


by Jack Pearson © 2012 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI