Lumphrey's General Store

Album: Fax Yourself to Jesus


v1) You say your days are crawling by like the hot days of July You’ve seen it all, there’s nothin’ left to do There’s a feeling in your soul like a gaping little hole That’s left unfilled despite what you’ve been through Don’t stand around and wait, jump on westbound 28 Take it to the junction of time and eternity When the town of Beardsley shows take a right at Bobby-Jo’s And your quest is done for Lumphrey’s you will see

CH: You have never lived till you been there No matter if you’ve been the wide world o’er You may have just survived but if you want to feel alive I’ll meet you down at Lumphrey’s General Store

v2) There the excitement never ends, even strangers become friends It’s the cultural oasis of the west It’s the crossroads of deep thought concernin’ is and ain’t and ought The meanin’ of life and which beer is the best There history abounds - Harry Truman hangs around Just ask Art, he lives upstairs and he’s never wrong Art’s dug graves since his youth all by hand it’s the gospel truth And he’ll dig yours if you stick around too long


v3) Pite and Norma run the till, they always have and always will If they’re gone just leave a note and help yourself Pite’s grandpa lost a leg back at the battle of Antietam But the stuff he stocked still sits there on the shelf The real merchandise is gab, grab a coke and chew the rag There at the counter with the socks and chips ahoy Try on a pair of jeans but take a good look at the seams They were stitched back when your dad was just a boy


v4) If the tin ceiling had ears, oh, the stories through the years It could tell - they still linger in the air All those lies ‘bout walleye fishin’ and Old Joe might stop and listen But he’s got his quart so he don’t really care Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! In walks that crusty Harvey Kunkel For thirty years he ruled the Beardsley high school hall Kunk’s got so much hot air he could fill a blimp with some to spare While half asleep and blowing smoke rings at the wall



by Jack Pearson © 1995 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI