I Wanna Be Real

Album: Fax Yourself to Jesus


v1) Come on, just ask the skin horse, he is old but very wise He says you can’t be real till your fur’s loved off and you’re losing half your eyes You’ll get your stuffings knocked right out, maybe twice, most likely more Becoming real is quite a painful chore

v2) You’d better listen to the skin horse, he knows whereof he speaks He’s lived here in the nursery for countless many weeks And he’s seen people come and go who were stiff and could not bend They were pretend and broken in the end

CH: I wanna be real, I wanna be real Lyin’ in a field beneath a summer sky of blue I wanna go walkin’ in the real sunshine Floatin’ in the breeze of a new mind Singin’ and dancin’ like real people do

v3) Becoming real is a messy process the old skin horse would say It begins to come when someone real just happens by one day When someone who loves you for who you are cuz that’s what real people do You’ve been an island, but suddenly there’s a bridge in view

v4) We are bridges for one another the more real that we get Though occasionally we still fall off and come up choking and soaking wet Yet the bridges remain to lead us on to a world we never knew The world that’s real - the only world, it’s true


v5) Real’s not something that you’re born, but it’s something you can become It’s not a destination but a road you travel on Real people have opinions but they really want to know It’s downright startling to see the lengths to which they’ll go

v6) Real people have their favorite words, but they know they’re only clothes To protect us while we’re growing up from heat and winter snows Real people have come to understand that words aren’t really real, they’re only tools But love is what really rules



by Jack Pearson © 1993 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc., - BMI