Build A Bridge

Album: Fax Yourself to Jesus


v1) There is no river love can’t cross if you’re just willing Rivers are there to cross and that’s what love is for There is no river that’s so wide love can’t reach the other side If you build a bridge for love to travel o’er

CH: Build a bridge, build it long, build it straight, build it strong Just build a bridge, a bridge to reach a troubled shore Build a bridge, make a start, a path to heal a hurtin’ heart Just build a bridge, a bridge for love to travel o’er

v2) Do I hear you say that you’re not good at building bridges? Well, you don’t have to be so good, just don’t refuse Use tape and string, spit and glue Most anything at hand will do And before you know it you’ve built a bridge that love can use


v3) Friends, life is short, yes, way too short for nursing grudges A grudge will grow so big that it becomes your boss But here’s a way to avoid the worst Just beat that grudge and grow up first Then build a bridge, a bridge for love to dance across



by Jack Pearson © 1995 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI