To All Purple Tree Trunks

Album: Fax Yourself to Jesus


v1) Here's to all of you weirdos, I understand Born dancing to the music of a different band The road has been lonely, I know that it's true I am a weirdo, too It goes way back to grade school, to your earliest times When you were strictly instructed to color within the lines And at art class they told you while making the rounds Your purple tree trunks were very interesting But everyone knows that tree trunks are brown

CH: Here's to all purple tree trunks, long may they grow Here's to wild, crazy colors where the lines never go It might be that you're seeing what no one's ever seen Normal is just a setting on your washing machine

v2) Here's to all of you weirdos, you know who you are Like alien beings from some far away star You think none understands but I've a hunch that I do I'll bet I'm even weirder than you You were raised to be normal but never felt it inside So like the rest of us weirdos you learned how to hide But come out long enough now to hear what I say Being weird has its own problems But in the meantime you're really okay


v3) And at last to you teachers with kids in your charge They don't come packaged neatly small, medium and large A few might be weird and, believe me, I know I was one not so long ago But won't you do me a favor when art class comes 'round And all the other kids are coloring their tree trunks of brown If you spot one that's purple, won't you bend down and say "A purple tree trunk? Well, who could have thought of that! And it's the prettiest one that I've seen all day!"


And here's to all you dear others not especially weird Please don't measure the world by the length of your beard 'Cause normal's not really all that it might seem Normal's just a setting on your washing machine!


by Jack Pearson © 1995 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI