Oda to Minnesota

Album: Come Share the Fire


v1) So you come to Minnesota center of the universe Everything may not be perfect, but you bet it could be worse Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes - I guess you’re gonna stay Now, no need to get excited but there’s a blizzard on the way

CH: Disaster’s ‘round the corner, you’re just in time you see Welcome to Minnesota, misery loves company You know, a guy could get discouraged but we really can’t complain The tornado takes the house but the basement will remain

v2) Well, the snow she’s gettin’ deeper and the wind is blowin’ hard It’s already drifted over the flamingos in the yard So let’s have a little lunch, then, is you want to - it depends Tuna hotdish is a good deal reheated with your friends

v3) We pass the time discussin’ stuff of mutual concern Road construction near Bemidji and the farming in Luverene Punctuated by long silences to calm the thoughts within As a rule we all just sit and stare and listen to the wind


v4) Well, a heckuva deal, the blizzard’s done! It’s only been a week We will get your car dug out if we can find her down the street Have some hotdish for the road and tho you’ve gained a pound or two You will leave a little wiser with the Minnesota view

v5) You’ve got to face the facts of life, yep, that’s just the way it is A guy grows up, gets married then they have theirselves some kids You retire, do some fishing, pretty soon you’re in a hearse But at least you done it Lutheran - I guess it could be worse!



by Jack Pearson © 1987 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI