A Mighty Fortress Revisited

Album: Come Share the Fire


v1) Our God is a rock, He will not fail Come hell or come high water We’re caught in a flood but with God we will sail For we are His sons and His daughters Still our age-old enemy can’t stand to see us free He’s shrewd as the day is long So subtle, sly and strong In a prison of steel he’s enslaved us

v2) We cannot escape in our strength alone Our hottest attempt would be frozen But there is a free man, one of our own The one whom the Father has chosen In His presence bars decay and prison walls melt away We dance in the morning air For the new world is almost here His Spirit will bring in the kingdom

v3) That kingdom may seem so far away As here in the prison we shiver But already dawns the light of the day When the truth of the Lord will deliver Our jailer cold and dark can’t make us toe his mark He knows that his end is near With his system of selfish fear With one little word he’ll be banished

That word is Jesus, the Word of God, Jesus the Word of God! (repeat)

v4) That Living Word is speaking still Op’ning the doorway to heaven Teaching us all of our Father’s will To give of the gifts we’ve been given So let God’s love be our guide, let our heart’s door open wide Though evil shakes the land God’s truth will finally stand His kingdom is forever! It’s forever and ever, Amen! Forever and ever, Amen! (repeat) His name is... Jesus the Word of God! Forever and ever, Amen! (repeat) Our God is a rock, He will not fail come hell or come high water


by Jack Pearson © 1990 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI