Good Things Come in Threes

Album: Come Share the Fire


v1) There are some things you can count upon No matter who you are When you think that things just don’t add up And that someone has stacked the cards I know how you feel, but here’s the deal The King of hearts is really real They say that good things come in three Your lucky number’s up on the wheel

CH: Good things come in three A man and a woman make a family And then they give a little child, a third party to love One and one makes three The Father and the Son gave the Holy Spirit Look and you will see that good things come in three!

v2) Mother Mary and Joseph loved their little boy Of whom we’ve heard In ten years times three his ministry Shown forth the Gospel word Then after three years he was killed Up on the skull, Gologotha hill But after three days he arose to be The Life his Father willed


v3) This is the third verse of this song I guess it will be the last Don’t trust your life to dice, it’s a heavy price There are snake-eyes in our past Yes, there is chance but a second glance Will open your mind to the provi-dance It might tap you on the shoulder It might kick you in the pants!



by Jack Pearson © 1990 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI