Disney World

Album: Come Share the Fire


v1) The time is approaching we knew it would come The kids are out of diapers now and grade school’s begun Time to get on the phone to that old ticket girl And price out the plane fares to Disney World

v2) No use tryin’ to hide it, they’re bound to find out From their friends who have been there and there isn’t a doubt That the rest of existence can be justified By the moments you spend on a Disney World ride

CH: Oh Orlando, land over there Where the spirit of childhood sweetens the air Where the seas are still high and the West is still wild Where a man is a man ‘cause he’s really a child

v3) We’ve got colored brochures and a map of the grounds (We don’t believe in mickey mousin’ around!) The itinerary’s taped to the stove and the chair And that Disney World feelin’s just everywhere

v4) The kids are mighty excited now that the countdown’s begun Just dreamin’ ‘bout tomorrowland that never seems to come But the time to cross over will soon be at hand To America’s answer to Canaan’s land


v5) God bless Aunt Mildred for that big red balloon And God bless our trip down to Disney World soon Then there came a short pause as we knelt by the bed I opened up one eye and my little girl said, “Daddy...

v6) Jesus said He’d prepare a place for us to be Where there’s no more sorrow and no misery But it came as a shock, Dad, how was I to know That He built the whole place down in Orlando!”



by Jack Pearson © 1990 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI