Waltzing With Bears

Album: Back With Jack


v1) I went to his room in the middle of the night I tiptoed inside and I turned on the light But to my dismay he was nowhere in sight You see, my Uncle Walter goes waltzing at night - He goes ...

CH: Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa, waltzing with bears Raggy bears, baggy bears, shaggy bears too There’s nothing on earth Uncle Walter won’t do So he can go waltzing, wa-wa-wa, waltzing So he can go waltzing, go waltzing with bears

v2) I bought Uncle Walter a new coat to wear But when he comes home, it’s all covered with hair And I’ve noticed that lately there are several new tears I’m afraid Uncle Walter’s been waltzing with bears! He goes ...


v3) We begged and we pleaded, “Oh please won’t you stay!” And we managed to keep him home for a day But the bears all barged in and they took him away Now he’s dancing with pandas, we don’t understand it But the bears all demand at least one waltz a day, he goes ...



by Dale Marxen, words from a poem by Dr. Seuss © Dale Marxen