May There Always Be Sunshine

Album: Back With Jack


v1) May there always be sunshine May there always be blue skies May there always be mama May there always be me May there always be rivers May there always be green trees May there always be papa May there always be me

"This little song grew from a poem written by a young Russian girl. It’s a reminder that the things deepest in our hearts -the need for loving families, for a healthy natural environment; sunshine and blue skies- are things we share with everyone the whole world over. Now is a time to join hands and hearts; to understand that all earth’s creatures; plants, animals and us humans; are one family whose journeys are forever linked together. In Russian the words go like this (phonetic equivalent):"

v2) Poost vsig da boodyet solntse Poost vsig da boodyet nyeba Poost vsig da boodyet mama Poost vsig da boodoo ya Poost vsig da boodyet rehkey Poost vsig da boodyet dravia Poost vsig da boodyet papa Poost vsig da boodoo ya


original words by Lev Oshanin, music by Arkadi Ostrovsky, © 1964 MCA Music Canada add’l words (rivers, trees, papa) by Paula Brandes Russian help from Gene Alentiev