Kemo Kimo

Album: Back With Jack


CH: Kemo kimo, there oh where With my high my ho and in come Sally singin’ Sometime pennywinkle ling tum nip cat Sing-song kitty, can’tcha kem-eo

v1) In old Minnesota the folks all go (Sing-song kitty, can'tcha kem-eo) Sing it high and sing it low (Sing-song kitty, can'tcha kem-eo)


v2) Whatcha gonna do when the rain don’t fall Corn grows small instead of tall And whatcha gonna do if the snow don’t stop Drifting around that silo top


v3) In Minnesota the folks all sleep Underneath a quilt that’s twelve miles deep Made from the skin of an old banjo Stuffed with the feathers of the buffalo


v4) There was a guy came to our school You know he was the biggest fool He sang stories, yes he did And danced all around on a toybox lid



trad'l, new words by Jack Pearson © 1993 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI