Album: Back With Jack


v1) There was a Swedish lassie, her name was Josefin Josefin- fin-fin, Jose Jose Josefin The thing that she loved best to do was sew on her machine Her machine-chine-chine, her ma-ma-ma-ma-machine

v2) She also had a boyfriend named Jonathon McCree He wasn’t very handsome but then, neither was she

v3) Now, Jonathon, he had a boat that sailed the ocean clear He got it by inheritance from his old mother dear

v4) So Jon invited Josefin a’sailing on the bay They loaded up the sewing machine and then they sailed away

v5) Jon, he manned the tiller with a chuckle and a smile Until they chanced to run aground near Greenland’s icy isle

v6) Then Jonathon announced, “Josefin, I tink ver’re stuck We’ll throw some ballast overboard and trust ourselves to luck"

v7) His hand was on the sewing machine when Josefin replied “If I can get us home then will you take me for your bride?”

v8) So Jonathon responded, “You’ve got yourself a deal I’d sooner marry you than any porpoise or a seal”

v9) Then Josefin cut up the sail and sewed a sturdy line Lassoed a passing whale which towed them home by suppertime

v10) With the remaining sail cloth she sewed a wedding gown That night there was one whale of a wedding in the town

v11) And then commenced the honeymoon and to Greenland they did sail They’d saved a piece of wedding cake and gave it to the whale

v12) And thus began a happy life for Jon and Josefin So never underestimate a good sewing machine!


trad'l Swedish; translated, adapted, and expanded by Jack Pearson © 1998 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI