Cyberspace Roadkill Cafe

Album: Back With Jack


v1) There’s a place that they put you when you’re not yet online An old-fashioned outpost from a long by-gone time Where you’re not blocking progress and you’re out of the way A place called the Cyber Space Roadkill Cafe

v2) It has old peeling paint and a blue neon sign On a dusty old back road near the end of the line Where us folks not adapted to microchip ways Can inconspicuously live out the rest of our days

CH: I am roadkill on the shoulder Of that information super highway If you’re roadkill, too, there’s a booth here for you At the Cyber Space Roadkill Cafe

v3) Here the topics of speech are stuff you’ll understand Not modems, not gigabytes, websites or RAM But baseball and weather - what talk used to be Before this whole digital catastrophe

v4) Old Lorna’s the waitress, Mrs. Banks is the cook It’s okay to hang out here and just read a good book 'Cause that virtual life’s not the life for me I’d rather have a real one with live company


v5) Here it’s human and basic, if you know what I mean The jukebox in the corner’s the most complex machine Playin’ “Moon River wider than a mile...” ‘High tech’ here means the pay phone that you still have to dial

v6) But you’ll find real people when you walk through that door With a head on their shoulders and their feet on the floor Singin’ songs, tellin’ stories like you heard from granddad Good neighbors and the best friends that you ever had - They’re all ...



by Jack Pearson © 1997 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI