Coat of Many Colors

Album: Back With Jack


v1) There is a good book I like to read Filled with many stories, yes indeed There’s one about Joseph and how he played In a coat of many colors his father made

CH: We are all a coat of many colors Continents and nations, families and friends Woven all together to love each other Searching for the gold at the rainbow’s end

v2) Joseph’s brothers were jealous, you see They sold him down to Egypt to slavery The coat of many colors they dipped in blood They lied and tried to hide the deed they’d done

v3) But Joseph kept faith, in his eye was a gleam He understood the Pharaoh’s mysterious dream He was so wise that the Pharaoh’s hand Soon made him a ruler over all the land

v4) In famine time Joseph’s brothers came To find a little food was their only aim Joseph could let them either die or live What he chose was to love and to forgive


v5) Many, many years have passed away Still Joseph and his brothers are alive today The family coat is still dipped in blood The locusts of hate have devoured our food

v6) Though each of us has but a single voice The time has arrived for a dreadful choice We can search all the world and beyond the sky But it’s written in our hearts: either love or die

v7) And there is some good news I tell you now There once lived a man who showed us how By the life he lived, by the words he said By a love so strong it rose from the dead, he said...


(repeat first verse)


by Jack Pearson © 1997 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI