Sun-Up Saturday

Album: To All Purple Tree Trunks


v1) Gonna bounce outta bed, it’s the crack of dawn It’s a sun-up Saturday Gonna pull on my sweatshirt, tie my shoe I need some cereal and maybe a banana, too 'Cuz I’ve got lotsa cool things to do On this sun-up Saturday!

v2) Gonna go for the gold, gonna make it sing It’s a sun-up Saturday The universe is knockin’ on my door Throw it open wide and see what’s in store So come on, Jack, now whatcha waitin’ for It’s a sun-up Saturday!

So much to do, I’d better get cookin’ So many places to go The speed of light might be almost right ‘Cept maybe just a little too slow! Wo-o!

v3) I’m gonna run faster than I ever ran before It’s a sun-up Saturday Wanna jump so high I can grab the sky If I wanted to I’ll betcha I could even fly I feel so good and here’s the reason why It’s a sun-up Saturday!

So much to do, I’d better get crackin’ So much to explore Gotta hurry up, there’s a wild world waitin’ Right outside my door! Wo-o!

v4) Time to bounce outta bed, time to rise and shine It’s a sun-up Saturday My friends are comin’ over ‘bout half past eight Why don’t you come, too, but hurry - don’t be late! A new day’s shakin’ and we just can’t wait It’s a sun-up Saturday! So stand up tall, you can have it all On a sun-up Saturday!


by Jack Pearson © 1995 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI