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Album: To All Purple Tree Trunks


v1) “I am writing a report about Africa," Eloise told her mom But I don’t know how to start or what to say Have you got some advice about Africa? I really need some help” But her mom just seemed to turn and walk away But Eloise guessed where the talk had led When her mom returned with a book and said "You wanna know about Africa? Well, here you go! You can ..."

CH: Read all about it - Open up a book - it will be your guide Don’t ever doubt it - There’s many a world to explore inside Push your borders beyond the stars where only the brave dare go Read all about it - and then you’ll know

v2) Well, Eloise’ sister was sittin’ right there At the window one rainy day Watchin’ the clouds roll in and the rain come down “Hey Ellie,” she said, “What do you think? What is it that makes the rain?” But Eloise smiled and didn’t even make a sound Then she said to her sister, “Just come with me We’re gonna take a little walk to the library,” You wanna find out about the weather? Well, step right up! You can ...


v3) This world that we happened to wake up in Is a rich and mysterious box With a ceiling and floor of time and walls of space And we’re stuck inside, each and every one In this box called here and now But your brain doesn’t have to remain in this tiny place Because a book is a key to unlock your mind You can leave all of space and time behind, so ...



by Jack Pearson © 1996 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI