Mi Casa, Su Casa

Album: To All Purple Tree Trunks


v1) Now that we’ve become friends, amigo There’s something you need to know Mi casa, su casa, it’s a Spanish phrase we use down in Mexico But what does Mi casa, su casa mean? I’m glad you asked and I will now explain You see, it means to share - that the house that’s mine Is a house that is yours as well

CH: Mi casa, su casa, my house is your house, too Mi casa, su casa, mi amigo My door is always open to welcome you

v2) If you’re hungry, well it’s no big deal Come on over and eat with me Don’t even pay me back 'cause it’s between friends I’m glad for your company I even bought your favorite sandwich spread And if we talk too late, I’ve got an extra bed Cuz when you’re under my roof you go to sleep well fed Don’t you know, that’s what friends are for!


v3) It’s easy to be a friend, amigo With someone who treats you fine We tend to flock together with the other birds With feathers of our own kind But when you choose to be a friend indeed To someone different who is in need You have planted a wonderful, magical seed That can grow up to heal us all


v4) Just imagine for a moment, amigo That friendships began to grow That the spirit of Mi casa, su casa spread Away beyond mother Mexico Imagine we learned to give ourselves away And we found the joy that money can’t repay And at the end of the journey we found one day That we owned everything in the world! (all because of...)



by Jack Pearson © 1996 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI