Clean Air Lullaby

Album: To All Purple Tree Trunks


v1) Open up your window before you go to bed The sun is sinkin’ down and all the bedtime prayers are said You can hear it if you listen, softer than a sigh Through the curtains - a clean air lullaby

CH: Sing sweet, Mother Earth, breathe deep, Father Sky And rock me to sleep with a clean air lullaby

v2) Feel a gentle evening breeze blowin’ through your hair Then fall back on your pillow with the moonbeams everywhere Just snuggle ‘neath your blankets and breathe a sleepy sigh To the rustle of a clean air lullaby


v3) The wind comes off the ocean and blows across the plain It goes into your lungs and then your blood and then your brain It carries thoughts of far away, the wherefore and the why Learn to listen to a clean air lullaby



by Jack Pearson © 1996 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI