100 Hugs

Album: To All Purple Tree Trunks


CH: Wouldn’t it be great if every single kid got a hundred different hugs each day?

v1) Papa hugs, mother hugs - Silly sis and brother hugs Grandma hugs and Grandpa hugs - cousin hugs and baby hugs Auntie hugs, Uncle hugs - Favorite niece and nephew hugs Family hugs, single hugs - the kind-that-make-you-tingle hugs CHORUS

v2) They got huge hugs and little hugs - and right around the middle hugs Tall, short, fat and skinny - strong, weak there are so many! Healthy hugs, bear hugs, elephant hugs, puppy hugs! Hugs from a kitten and hugs-for-hands-inside-a-mitten CHORUS

v3) We’re talkin’ soft, hard and scratchy hugs - smooth, rough and silky hugs Clean, dirty, sweet and sweaty - Hairy, bald and Grandma Betty Nose hugs and bump a belly - Grape butter, peanut jelly Breakfast and bedtime - and hugs beneath the clothesline CHORUS

v4) They got hugs while eatin’ ice cream - for good dreams and bad dreams Sleepy, wide awake and happy - classical and also rappy Sad and silly, cheerful, kind - hugs that leave the blues behind Loving and giving, and hugs just because you’re living CHORUS (Let’s see, how many is that? .... 63, 64, 65, 66 hugs!)

v5) They got red, yellow, blue and green - and hugs like you have never seen Salt and pepper, upside down - on the porch and through the town Wild, wonderful, crazy hugs and even when you’re lazy hugs Hugs that say “I’m sorry” and hugs in a Ferrari! (78, 79, 80, 81 ... Hey, that’s 82 hugs! Okay, come on. We need a few more!)

v6) Proud hugs, teacher hugs, rabbi, priest and preacher hugs Republican, Democrat, hugs-no-matter-where-you’re-at After school, “welcome home!” and hugs while you are on the phone Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday hugs (Okay, how many is that? Who’s counting? 96, 97, 98, ... 99! 99??!!!) And when the sky gets dark above you here’s one last hug ... just because I love you (I love you, too!)



by Jack Pearson © 2000 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI (lyrics by, and inspired by, Bethany Sutherland-grade two, adapted JP)